After years of writing nonfiction civil rights books, author Susan Klopfer has completed the first novel in her CIVIL RIGHTS MYSTERY SLEUTH SERIES. It's called THE PLAN, an engaging book (and ebook) that starts in NYC, but quickly moves to the Mississippi Delta, and then to Ecuador:

The tight bond between Clinton and Joe, two gay, black lawyers, is broken when Joe is reportedly found hanged. Moore believes Joe Means was tortured and murdered, and that his and Joe’s shared obsession—investigating the cover-ups of various murders and assassinations of civil rights activists—is the reason.



The Past is never dead ... That's what William Faulkner believed, and Susan Klopfer proves it in this terrific thriller. Using fiction, she explores several unsolved civil rights killings and enthralled readers follow her lead. This is to be the first in a series and I can't wait for the next one.
Gary May, Author of The Informant and Bending Toward Justice

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The old grocery store in Money, Mississippi 

The Emmett Till Book: What caused a young African American student's lynching in the Mississippi Delta, back in 1955? When Emmett "BoBo" Till threatened Mississippi's rigid Jim Crow laws this fourteen-year-old paid with his life. Till's murderers were set free yet his death spurred Rosa Parks to take her important stand in Montgomery. In the recent 50th anniversary, the case was finally reopened with new and intriguing information. How many people were involved? Who hid the killers overnight? Where is the first trial's transcript? Learn new facts on this and other Delta murders - Clinton Melton and his wife (1955) - he was shot, she was drowned; Jo Etha Collier(1955), gunned down on graduation night; attorney Cleve McDowell (1997), shot to death by a client? Or a stranger? The Emmett Till Book gives readers a unique look at Mississippi's secret government agencies and its private white Citizens Councils that spied and did harm to those who fought segregation.


A Mississippi Delta County Courthouse

Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited: After 23 months of research and writing, Where Rebels Roost features --A Nine-page Selected Bibliography/Citations: 73 Books; 3 Dissertations; 47 Articles; 32 Collections, Interviews, Oral Histories --Twenty-pages/Lists of Dead/References 900+ names and information of African Americans lynched and murdered in Mississippi from 1870 to 1970 (references Southern Law & Poverty Center, NAACP, Tuskegee Institute, individual family and friends, personal research) --Sixteen-page/160+ Names of Emmett Till Principles/Names and biographies of people close to this case, from lawyers, witnesses, judges and jurors to police, politicians, friends and families. Also, civil war stories of black heroism (spies and soldiers for the North)--And over one hundred specific Sovereignty Commission Documents, cited with references given (plus over 1,000 footnotes!), But more important are the stories of some very unique, persevering and brave people -- all stories that deserve to be told.

Who Killed Emmett Till?: The Mississippi Delta is not a place I would have picked to live and if you had asked me a few years ago what I knew about the region, it would have been a puzzle since I knew nothing of its history or culture -- I'd never even heard of Emmett Till! My husband and lived in the Mississippi Delta for two years on the grounds of Parchman Penitentiary where Fred was the state's chief corrections psychologist. Knowing little of Mississippi's civil rights history, I quickly took the opportunity of living in the Mississippi Delta to visit its small Delta towns, meeting people and learning their civil rights stories. I found men and women in the tiny cotton hamlet of Drew, Mississippi who remembered, as school children, when young Emmett Till of Chicago was murdered in 1955. I read old newspapers, visited historical sites and learned a great deal about the Delta's secrets, including the lynching of Till.Before leaving the state, I found and interviewed the mortuary assistant who prepared Till's body before it was shipped home, and spoke with others who remembered his historical event. 

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