Who Was David W. Belin? 

David W. Belin, a Victim of his Research Knowledge?

In the previous blogpost, I wrote a few quick remarks about David W. Belin, a Des Moines, Iowa lawyer who served important administrative roles on the Warren Commission, and then on the Rockefeller Commission. Belin has been described by some as a bully who pushed the official governmennt story, in both endeavors. But he died a suspicious death, less than a week before he was supposed to be interviewed by a well-known conspiracy author over the death…

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David Belin a Victim? 

Reporter Sara Mercury (a character in The Plan) fired for "too much time spent on the JFK assassination," turns her interest to American assassin, Michael Townley (shown here), and wonders what role he may have played in the strange 1999 death of  Des Moines, Iowa lawyer David W. Belin, an attorney for the Warren and Rockefeller Commissions. She also investigates Townley's role at Colonia Dignidad, a torture community in Chile.


David W. Belin died of a freakish accident in a hotel room, after doing

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Michael Townley, DINE 

Michael Townley (Google images)

 An American assassin, the son of an automotive executive living in Santiago, Chile, designed the torture chamber for Colonia Dignidad. Michael Townley, now in witness protection somewhere in the U.S., was connected with  the CIA.

You can read more about Townley, here


and I will be posting more about him as I complete my research for Gringolandia, the second novel in the Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth series. (The Plan is the…

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 I am Clinton Moore, and I AM A DEAD LAWYER! NO JOKE! (So don’t try.) I bought the plantation in the Mississippi Delta, and then landed in South America, trying to help Mollie, my legal secretary, save my dead lover's wife.

Now this may sound messy so far, but think for a second about my former life as a black AND gay lawyer working in the Deep South!

“Messy” is pretty much how my ghostly life began here—after getting murdered in my Delta home late one night, then watching…

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Amazing Fr. Carlos Crespi 

The Amazing “Little” Priest of Cuenca, Ecuador:

Fr. Carlos Crespi Croci (Informal) Timeline


The famous priest of Cuenca, Ecuador

This past week, I finished the first draft of the prologue to Gringolandia, a sequel to The Plan (Book 2 of the Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth Series).

Gringolandia opens with the fascinating story of Fr. Crespi, who once lived in Cuenca, creating schools and museums, while caring for the sick and the poor of this small Andean city. He also had another vocation, one that drew…

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Chapter 6

I loved my scales of justice—a small desk toy that Joe purchased for me in a Jackson antique shop. It reminded me of the gadgets that Grandpa Willie kept in his tool shed.

I would drive Mollie nuts with my scales, dropping paperclips on the Truth or Fairness side, depending on how I’d fared that day in court. The scales are supposed to remain in balance for justice to…

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Woodie Hayes Would Like Him 

THE PLAN eventually moves into Ecuador, a country where my husband and I now live. We enjoy the culture and people here, and I like sharing some of what we observe.

Often, we eat in Central, the historical part of the city, at Don Colon's restaurant. Yes! He exists. Colon is an important character in the book who saves "the lady"!. This particular post is about a character who Fred and I frequently see, on the way to check in with Colon and have our meal.


Woody Hayes. Ohio State University. Listen

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Little fish in a big fiction sea 

Don Colón, a character in The Plan, is a chef and restaurant ower in Cuenca, Ecuador

The lady who I’d just met the night before bought a copy of my newest book. Bless her. I met her at Don Colón's restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador. The real Colón is a character in The Plan and we eat dinner at his place most nights. I don't like to cook; he knows this, and sometimes teases me when we come through the door.

The real truth is we eat most meals at Colón's restaurant. I don't like to clean the apartment or…

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Chapters 3,4,5: The Plan 


 (available now at Amazon, print and kindle - Also available at Barnes and Noble-NookSmashwords, ePub/iTunes and Other Online bookstores)

“The best way to describe the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta is that it looks like half a football on the map. Its crescent of small counties hugs the River between Memphis and Vicksburg. We called our home the Delta, and it hasn’t changed much at all since the 1800s with its rich soil, cotton fields, wealthy planters, and desperate poverty.” From an oral

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Chapter 2: The Plan 


 (available now at Amazon, print and kindle - Also available at Barnes and Noble-NookSmashwords, ePub/iTunes and Other Online bookstores)


One morning, a couple of weeks after I’d been killed, while hovering over the construction site of my new home that never got finished, I overheard through the open window next door a conversation between a couple of Clarksdale ladies.

If I’d lived to complete my new home, I would have been neighbors with Lucy Bingham Moore, a white female in her late…

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