#28 The End?

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Jeffrey Hedquist
Susan Klopfer


Final Post: The Beginning or the End?

I hope that you enjoyed Who Killed Emmett Till. In the Print Edition, I’ve included a section of questions and answers, 136 End Notes and an Extended Bibliography. You can find this book in print and other formats at The Lulu BookstoreAmazonBarnes and Noble (Nook).

My new book, The Plan, picks up with the murder of a fictional gay, black Mississippi lawyer, Clinton Moore. This character is based on a real man who lived in the Delta and tried to solve Emmett Till's murer (and others).

The Plan opens in New York City, moves to the Mississippi Delta and then on to Ecuador! You can find it in print and eBook on Amazon and other popular online bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, iTunes, kobo and more.

I invite you to come with me on this journey. Susan Klopfer