What Media Doesn't Report: JFK

Richard Charnin, Guest Blogger

DOES MAINSTREAM MEDIA Refuse to Ask the Real Questions About President John F. Kennedy's Death? JFK researcher Richard Charnin joins others who believe that many news reporters and analysts "simply ignore conspiracy facts and make offhanded remarks about conspiracy theories."

Charnin recently backed up his assertions with a fascinating list of documents that drew my attention, and I asked if I could place his work on my blog. He agreed, and I am pleased to present his guest blog.

Richard, by the way, has an impressive research background with a wide range of skills that allow him to do this type of work in a scientific way. He has worked in the aerospace/defense industry, and also in investment banking on Wall Street. Receiving an MS degree in Operations Research (applied mathematics) from Polytechnic Institute of New York University, he consults in software development.

Richard has spent years looking at the JFK assassination and is widely admired for his statistical and related reports. Take a look at these links, and I believe that you will be surprised (just as I was).

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 JFK Assassination: Blog Posts

Richard Charnin

Nov.22, 2013



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