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A vortex in the Cajas Mountains, outside of Cuenca, Ecuador


May 23, 2013  -- The Plan is currently with the editor. Meanwhile, I'm releasing a timeline for this book, followed by short chapter summaries.

The Plan Timeline

1941                Birth of Clinton Moore

1941                Birth of Joe Means

1954                Brown vs. Topkea Board of Education; White Citizens Councils formed

1955                Brown II; Lynching of Emmett Till; Rosa Parks refuses to sit at back of the bus; Mississippi Sovereignty Commission formed

1959                Clinton Moore, Mollie Johnson graduate, Clarksdale High School; Moore attends Jackson State University

1963                Clinton Moore enters Houston law school; Medgar Evers murdered; JFK assassinated

1964                Guy Banister murdered; Freedom Summer; murders of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman

1966                J.D. Sullivan dies of gunshot "accident"; Birdia Keglar and Adlena Hamlett killed in auto “accident”; Clinton Moore works for SCLC in Chicago

1968                MLK murdered; Clinton Moore moves to Jackson

1971                Jo Etha Collier murdered; Clinton Moore moves home to Clarksdale; Mollie Johnson moves home to Clarksdale

2009                Clinton Moore becomes a minister

2010                Joe Means murdered; Tara Means leaves for Ecuador.

2012                Clinton Moore gives oral history interview

2013                Colonia Dignidad lawsuit filed in Chile; Clinton Moore murdered; Mollie Johnson goes to Ecuador to bring Tara Means home 

2014                Sara Mercury files news story on JFK assassination

The Plan Chapters


January 30, 2013, New York University, Department of History. Dr. Dan Bell, a full professor, learns of Colonia Dignidad lawsuit against Chile from a news article. The colony served for years as a secret torture “utopia” where CIA agents once trained.

Part I

Chapter 1 Death On the Mississippi

March 17, 2013, Clarksdale, Mississippi. Clinton Moore, a gay, black Delta lawyer is wounded with his own gun kept by the side of his stairwell “just in case,” by a client and then murdered by a stranger in his home. He ends up in Level I, Lawyer’s Paradise, as he watches the town cop bungle his murder investigation.

Chapter 2 The Moores of Coahoma County

Spring of 2013, a Clarksdale socialite plans a cultural event taking place in the historical home next door to where Clinton Moore was to have built his new house, had he not been murdered.

Chapter 3 Telling My Story

Spring 2012, Millsaps College, Jackson. This chapter returns to a year before Clinton Moore dies. Campus of ;Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi. Clinton Moore talks about his life in an oral history interview with a college student, answering questions about why he left Clarksdale after high school, and how he got involve in the civil rights movement.

Chapter 4 Going Home

May 1971, Jackson, Mississippi. Fannie Lou Hamer, a well-known Delta civil rights activist calls Clinton Moore at his Jackson law office to report the murder of a young Drew High School graduate who is gunned down on graduation night. Hamer asks Moore to come back to the Delta and help keep violence from erupting.

Chapter 5 Finding Miss Mollie

Later summer, 1971. Clarksdale, Mississippi. Mollie Johnson, an old high school friend of Clinton Moore, drops  by his new Clarksdale law practice to ask for a job. Moore has returned home to practice, believing his community needs him there following the murder of a Delta teenager.

Chapter 6 Problems Times Three

Forward from the summer of 1971. Mollie Johnson, as the new law office manager, lets her boss know about three things that need to be fixed: messy boxes, his “treatment” of the assistant district attorney, Missy Zooey, and the ongoing bickering between herself and Clinton Moore..

Chapter 7 The New Minister

Fall of 2009. Clinton Moore follows a dream to become the minister of a small congregation. It will be hard to balance two careers, but he has become concerned at how little was accomplished during the modern civil rights movement. Maybe his church can fill in some gaps.

Chapter 8 Death in Montgomery

Early in 2010. Longtime friend and lover, Joe Means, is dead. His wife, Tara, believes he committed suicide. But did he?

Chapter 9 Heading Out

Clinton Moore heads out to Montgomery after hearing his friend is dead. He remembers Joe Means and their relationship as he makes the six hour drive in record time.

Chapter 10 An Evening With Tara

Tara Means, Joe’s widow, doesn’t make much sense where she tries to explain to Clint Moore exactly what happened to her husband. Her body language doesn’t match her mouth.

Chapter 11 Seeking Truth

Clint tries several approaches with Tara, hoping to discover what happened to his friend.

Chapter 12 Uncovering Debris

A stop on the way back home in a Montgomery city park gives Clint pause. He tries to assess what Tara Means has told him vs. the truth.

Chapter 13 A Very Sutherin Send Off

Joe Means’ body is cremated, but only after his friend, Clint Moore, breaks into the funeral home to check out his body, trying to learn what really happened. Was this really a suicide, Moore asks?

Chapter 14 Return to Clarksdale

On the trip home from Montgomery, Moore considers what he’s learned. Believing his own life might be in peril, he makes a big decision.

Chapter 15 Changing Focus

The year 2012. After two and a half years mostly away from his law practice, Clinton more begins to miss his scales of justice, his clients and Mollie. Is it time to look for clues?

Chapter 15 Skeletons in the Boxes

Moore starts snooping through old records and is amazed at what he finds in his secret boxes, past records of crimes that he and Joe had tried to solve.

Chapter 16 Filling Up Space\

Secret files from the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission might hold answers.

Chapter 17  Filling Up Spaces

Somebody made a heck of a tax break when they donated a famous family members “papers” to the archives of the University of Mississippi.

Chapte 18 First Under the Miscroscope:“Big Jim” Eastland

What did this famous U.S. senator know about the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy? What did J.Edgar Hoover know? Moore’s old records hold answers.

Chapter 19 The List

Clint Moore realizes he must narrow his focus if he’s ever to determine who murdered his friend, and why.

Chapter 20 Seeking Answers.

Moore visits one of the Delta’s most powerful white supremacist leaders, trying to learn answers about multiple murders. He comes away with something.

Chapter 21  Not Forgotten

Why can’t the FBI solve old Delta murders.

Chapter 22 Dead in Vicksburg

Why would Clinton Moore care about a dead, white, right-wing detective  a former FBI man and military intelligence officer? Moore didn’t when it first happened. Now he  has second thoughts.

Chapter 23 At the Movies

Joewas great at quoting from Oliver Stone’s JFK. What matched reality? Lots of names come up – from Guy Banister to Lee Harvey Oswald.  Mix in some Abes barbeque from Clarksdale, and this chapter comes to life.

Chapter 24  Really Big Clues

A former law student friend, now a professor at New York University, gets good with filing Freedom of Information Act requests. Moore also learns about the prof’s friend who was kidnapped and killed in Chile by a strange Nazi colony. What does Mississippi have to do with Nazi’s in South America?

Chapter 25 Where in the World Is…

As anyone knows, it wasn’t the strange little man, James Earl Ray, who killed Dr. King (even though he pleaded guilty). Wonders what Joe didn’t tell him about this assassination. Was Joe trying to track down a mystery Klansman with ties between the JFK and MLK assassinations?

Part II

Chapter 26  Interlude

Clinton has never processed the death of his best friend and lover.  He takes a break in a Mississippi wilderness area and this becomes an emotional turning point.

Chapter 27 Home Again

Clinto Moore returns to his search for notes on a man named Rocco Kimble – his name spelled several different ways – who had ties to the Klan, militia groups including the Minutemen, and wonders if he is still alive. He finds a strange note written on the side of one of Joe’s notes that pulls his search into South America.

Chapter 28 Cuenca Where?

Mollie gets a long email from Tara Means, who’d disappeared before her husband’s funeral. Turns out, Tara is a South American expat. What’s that? Was this move on her own? Or did Tara have “help”?

Chapter 29  Finding Miss Tara

Mollie must go to Ecuador to try and find Tara while Clint stays home? What doesn’t he help?

Chapter 30 Death Becomes Me

March 15, 2013. On her way to Ecuador, Mollie learns in the Houston International Airport that Clinton Moore, her boss, has been murdered. She makes the decision to continue her journey to find Tara.

Part III

Chapter 31 Mollie’s Turn

Mollie hooks up with Dr. Dan Bell, per Clinton Moore’s instructions should something happen to him while she is on the trip to Ecuador. Dan helps make her trip safe with new information. Get in and get out, he encourages her to do.

Chapter 32  The Writer

Guess who’s on the trip besides Mollie? Clinton Moore who’s traveling incognito, so to speak, as a Level I lawyer in Lawyer’s Paradise. He enjoys a sparkling performance at the Ecuador Jazz  Society of Cuenca, while Mollie sleeps her first night in Guayaquil. A failed journalist who’s on the trail of the JFK assassin becomes involved. Her name is Sara Mercury.

Chapter 33 Imaginismo

Sara learns about the art of a famous Ecuadorian painter. Can Clinton use his magnetism to make contact with Mollie?

Chapter 34 Gringo Land

Welcome to Gringo Land, the van driver tells Mollie as he takes her to her short-term condo rental. She learns what the term means, and then meets Sara Mercury. Two powerful women get together.

Chapter 35 The Journalist

What makes a powerful journalist? Clinton Moore shares his perspective. Sara offers to help Mollie find Tara. What’s a good journalist to do, when someone’s friend is missing?

Chapter 36  The Spy Who Loved Tara

Tara gets busted, and she has a friend. Who’s the guy and is he safe?

Chapter 37 Getting “Chile”

It’s been a long day for Mollie. She goes to bed. Clinton is left to his own devices, and decides to get an education with his new Internet glasses. \

Chapter 38 Killing Coffee Beans and Time

Clinton Moore never sleeps. After learning more about violence in Chile than he probably cared to, he visits Sara Mercury’s apartment to see how she deals with stress. It’s a real eye-opener. He has to recall the words of a famous anthropologist, to make sense of what he’s seen.

Chapter 39  Sigsig Into the Andes

It’s time to put The Plan into operation, and get Tara back home. A flirtatious Cuenca chef and restaurant owner, Don Colon, helps hide her out in an Andean village, while Sara and Mollie make a run to Guayaquil to pick up the tickets. The chase is on, and how does it end for Tara’s boyfriend?

Chapter 40   The End is Near

What happened to John Kennedy? Who murdered him, and why? Sara Mercury learns the truth from her military intelligence sweetheart.

Chapter 41  Duck and Covert

Would you really expect me to tell you how this book ends? I promise it’s good.


And so it goes.


May 16, 2013 - I am done! And the book will go to the editor tomorrow. I can't begin to say how exciting this is to have this book complete. I really look forward to sharing it soon. I think readers will be very surprised at the direction it takes -- hope they find it exciting. BTW It will be free during the initial promotion!! sk

May 10, 2013 - A very productive day for writing. I am on the home stretch thank goodness, only five more chapters to go, but the most exciting part. We are now in Ecuador, trying to figure out what to do next, how to get Tara safely back home to Mississippi. I know this does not mean much to you right now, but it is a very important part of the book. I had fun this morning writing a "coffee" scene. One key person, "Mollie," is known for making really horrible coffee. She watches a new friend, Sara, making coffee using elaborate equipment and is blown away, offers to buy her some instant, so she doesn't have to use the Cuban "stuff."

April 28, 2013
-  Just read about new arrests taking place at Colonia Dignidad in Chili. THE PLAN addresses history of this Nazi-based cult that came into being following World War Two, and apparently continues on in the Chilean Andes. Here's a link. Why has Chile let this go on for decades without doing something to stop it? In January, an international lawsuit was filed by former victims and family members for atrocities taking place over the year.

In today's online news, I see that Olga Weisfeiler, the sister of  a Penn State math professor who's been missing (and presumably was kidnapped by this cult's militia) is asking John Kerry of the U.S. State Dept. to intercede. Good for her! Also read a fascinating article coming out of Venezuela, The March of the KKK?

April 27, 2013 -- Getting very close to being done! This is exciting. The book will go in for final editing in two weeks -- that's MY PLAN. Because digital publishing brings books out online ontime, I'm working hard to have The Plan in your hands by the end of May.

It's been fascinating and challenging to work on this book because recent events in South America (in Chile -- google Colonia Dignidad) have brought new and fresh information that I'm bringing to the book. 

This coming week, I'll be doing another reading at Writers in Transition (WIC) in Cuenca, Ecuador. Always look forward to this, and you're invited.