Little fish in a big fiction sea

Don Colón, a character in The Plan, is a chef and restaurant ower in Cuenca, Ecuador

The lady who I’d just met the night before bought a copy of my newest book. Bless her. I met her at Don Colón's restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador. The real Colón is a character in The Plan and we eat dinner at his place most nights. I don't like to cook; he knows this, and sometimes teases me when we come through the door.

The real truth is we eat most meals at Colón's restaurant. I don't like to clean the apartment or do laundry either, and living here inexpensively in Ecuador as an expat gives me outlets for someone else doing those tasks. Colón does the cooking; Laura does the housecleaning, and a nice man, Josef, picks up and delivers laundry.

And so, this lady from New York and her sister from New Mexico who are visiting Cuenca (to see if they want to move here) came over to the apartment the next day, asking me to help them figure out how to use their new kindle reader to download my book! Well, I showed them quickly, and they downloaded a paid version of The Plan. How sweet is that!! I’d just met them!

Truth is, I have given away hundreds of FREE books, sold a few to friends (bless them, too), and have given away several print and eBooks to my mom and a few other people. But sales are not yet what they are for my nonfiction books.

The secret about fiction vs nonfiction is that the later outsells the former by 11 to 1. Did you know that? I really didn’t myself, until a few months ago.

Most people like to read nonfiction. How can that be, when authors like John Grisham and Leon Uris write books that you can’t put down? This is a sorry sales figure I've had to live with for the past weeks. I love fiction and I want people to love this fictional story I’ve written.

Even the other day, as I was having lunch with friends, Patricia said to me across the table (as we were playing scrabble), “Let’s start a ladies book club, but no fiction. I don’t like fiction.”

I was all excited about the book club part, but then she had to go and blast fiction. I’ll still go to the new club, because I do read more nonfiction than fiction (for research) and can sort of understand where she’s coming from.

But even Patricia has not bought a copy of The Plan! Nor have my sisters or my son!!! I have put out broad hints and they don’t bite!!

So the kind lady, the person who I'd just met, followed me home and with a sweet smile bought a copy of The Plan to read on her kindle. She even said she likes fiction and can hardly wait to read it. So I thanked her, of course, but she will never know how much her gesture TRULY means to me.

I love this book and I want others to read the story. It's historical fiction with a little alternative and paranormal themes thrown in. It is action and adventure. It is about two black, gay men who were brave and murdered for their snooping into cold cases. And it is the first book in my Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth series. I am already working on a second book that picks up where The Plan ends.

Nice, kind lady.

Thanks for buying a copy of The Plan.

You made my day.




P.S. Good reading and I look forward to your review. I hope that you and your sister move to Cuenca and become expats. You can both come to the book club! (Just try to get Patricia to choose a fiction book once in a while, please.)