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 I am Clinton Moore, and I AM A DEAD LAWYER! NO JOKE! (So don’t try.) I bought the plantation in the Mississippi Delta, and then landed in South America, trying to help Mollie, my legal secretary, save my dead lover's wife.

Now this may sound messy so far, but think for a second about my former life as a black AND gay lawyer working in the Deep South!

“Messy” is pretty much how my ghostly life began here—after getting murdered in my Delta home late one night, then watching Mollie save Missy Tara's hide, without my direct help, since I couldn't make live contact, even though I tried.

Mollie returned home to Clarksdale, Mississippi and Tara and I stayed in Cuenca, Ecuador once the BAD GUY who was stalking Tara died in a car crash outside of Sigsig, an Andian village where people hand weave straw into Panama hats.

 Tara went on with her expat life. I keep trying to find Joe.

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WE WERE LAYWERS, killed while trying to solve cold cases—the murders of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, JFK, Dr. King, and of half a dozen other brave men and women most people have never heard of.

Life ended early for both of us. Mine fast, but Joe was brutally TORTURED before they put him away.

 My ghostly days are typically spent hovering and still hoping to find my dear friend, while I’m sometimes mildly curious about gringos who drop into the ether, and WHY. 

Take this poor guy, IRVING CRITCHFIELD, a shy Canadian professor who landed not so long ago in tiny Vilcabamba, an odd village with an odd mix of people that's located about four hours dead south of Cuenca.

I say "odd" because ...




IRVING CRITCHFIELD, formerly an assistant professor of linguistics, fled his job from a small Vancouver, British Columbia college—his first academic post—to end up in a remote Ecuadorian pueblo, seeking distance from the mess he'd made of his life, after impregnating an undergraduate honors student, the daughter of the dean.


(To Be Continued)

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I will be blogging weekly about life in GRINGOLANDIA, starting with Irving’s story. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about me, AND how I ended up as a wandering ghost in Ecuador, you really should read my first book in the CIVIL RIGHTS MYSTERY SLEUTH series.

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