Favorite Conspiracy Authors

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one." --Adolf Hitler, MEIN KAMPF

"I am even more intrigued with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy now than I was back when it happened. The big lie was effectively used by planners to keep us in the dark." --Susan Klopfer, author

The photo I want to remember, the smiling Kennedys


AFTER RESEARCHING for years on civil rights in the Mississippi Delta, and learning of the murders of two black, gay lawyers (both born in the Delta), I decided to write a fiction novel, an historical paranormal fiction ebook, based on what I could piece together. So why now does the JFK assassination continue to draw my interest? I will lay out some of the reasons in this blog post

You might be surprised!

But first, I have no doubts this was a coup d'etat. This country has not been the same since he was killed. Our privacy has been invaded beyond what could have been imagined, and we have been stuck in wars that defy logic.

Here are links to a baker's dozen books that I take seriously about the JFK assassination with short notes on each book:

*Noel Twyman (Bloody Treason)

From Twyman, I learned that political assassinations were practiced covertly by the U.S. government in the 1960s; that he Zapruder film was drastically altered frame by frame; Johnson browbeat Earl Warren into he coverup by using false security reasons.

*Jim Marrs (Crossfire The Plot That Killed Kennedy)

Jim Marrs, an Old Faithful of the JFK assassination story, has revised and updated his classic for the 50 years celebration. In this new version is much new information on Lee Harvey Oswald. Very revealing. Was Oswald even Oswald? I found myself asking after reading his book.

*Mark Lane (Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK)

This man has contributed so much to our understanding of the assassination. Mark Lane was there from the start with his classic Rush to Judgment and stayed the course. If you read all of his books, you will appreciate this "last word." Mark Lane has proved right all along, and this newest book shows why and how. "Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only animal that is struck by the differences in what  things are and what they ought to be." M.L.

One of the many things I like about this book is that it brings in from the shadows people like Willis Carto (who had close Mississippi Citizens Councils connections) and others including Victor Marchetti, Joseph Trento and Stansfield Turner. He mentions Operation Zapato in his Epilogue and that, of course, refers to George H.W. Bush and his involvement. 

James DiEugenio (Destiny Betrayed)

Not all conspiracies are theories, this book begins. Like others, it is not "conspiracy theory" but presents the factual history of how the investigations into the assassination of President Kennedy were deliberately subverted. DiEugenio exposes the mechanisms that allowed the conspiracy and cover-up to take place. He tells how Jim Garrison stepped up, did the right thing, and was pilloried for it. Like millions of others, this author was caught up in Oliver Stone's JFK. The result, this book. Details are included over what happened to Garrison, and why (events leading up to and during the Clay Shaw trial).

David Jay Epstein (Inquest; The Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth) 

One week after President Kennedy was assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the Warren Commission. Funny thing was that he placed enemies of JFK on this special commission to figure out who killed him and why! This book is about that group and how it went about searching for the truth. To understand the report, one must learn how evidence was collected. Many sad surprises, I am afraid. What was left out becomes most interesting.

James W. Douglass (JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Die and Why It Matters)

Douglass,, a leading Catholic theologian of peace, makes a strong case as to the who and why of Dallas in his thoroughly researched and documented work. I like to refer this book to my more conservative friends who have put off learning more about this dreadful mess. It is an important book because it addresses the blight on humanity if the truth is not uncovered. Included are forgotten decisions and speeches made by JFK deigned to halt the cold war and address racism in the U.S.

L. Fletcher Prouty (JFK; The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy) 

This book was the basis for Oliver Stone's JFK. Jesse Ventura wrote the foreword, losing no time in giving details on JFK's National Security Action Memorandum 263 that called for the total withdrawal of not only U.S. troops, but all U.S. personnel from Vietnam by 1965. Think of where we would be now if we had not fought that damned war! With Iraq and Afghanistan following Vietnam, we've seen history repeating itself. To appreciate the big money involvement that was in place to keep a war economy going, Prouty (a military man) provides an understanding of the connections between the Military-Industrial Complex and banking. I've always believed the key to the assassination lies here. Prouty's book is a quick, must-read

Oliver Stone (JFK: The Movie) 

The first time that I saw this movie, I was stunned. Focused on the New Orleans aspect of the assassination, I found it particularly fascinating because of the relationship to Mississippi. If you don't know the story of Jim Garrison (the only prosecutor ever to bring the JfK assassination into a courtroom), you will be fascinated and disgusted at what was done to this American hero. This part of the story is still not known by many because of the media's clampdown. And who says the CIA doesn't run the major news organizations?

Peter Kross (JFK: The French Connection)

Two hours after JFK was killed, Dallas police arrested a 24-year-old ex-marine For two days, Lee Harvey Oswald was questioned and then charged with killing a police officer and the President. Oswald was killed during a police transfer. What Americans did not know was that the day after the assassination, the FBI deported a French assassin by the name of Jean Souetre (and possibly two others). Why was Souetre, a member of a French resistance movement, in Dallas at the moment JFK was killed? Why didn't the FBI interrogate this man? Many critical questions are presented in this fascinating look at the murder of JFK.

Bill Sloan (The Kennedy Conspiracy; 12 Startling Revelations About the jFK Assassination)

A man in Dallas sees two men shoot the President, with perfect clarity.  He tries to tell his story (he has no history of mental illness) but no one believes him. He dies at the age of 73 after a lengthy illness. Meanwhile in Dallas, there are widespread assertions by eyewitnesses and investigators that one or more of the shots came from the front, supporting the man's story. The Dallas Police Department and the FBI go to war over ultimately determining who to blame.A small town police chief watches as countless suspects are allowed to walk away.Two reporters, looking into a strange lead to the JFK assassination wind up dead. Bill Sloan, a journalist, tells these oft-forgotten stories and more. Strange little incidents that have slipped away from the public's eye over the years. Strange little tales that send shivers up your spine!

Jim Garrison: (On the Trail of the Assassins)

Jim Garrison is an American hero. As a New Orleans prosecutor, he was on the trail of the assassins soon after the even took place, but by the time the media, FBI, CIA and others got involved, Garrison's momentum was slowed. At least he introduced the Zapruder film into the trial of Clay Shaw and for the first time the public saw real evidence.

Of course, later it would be learned that the film had been altered to make it support the Oswald lone gunman theory. Garrison, a former FBI agent and national guardsman, went through personal hell in his attempt to bring about the truth. Particularly embarrassed should be major media including NBC, Time and the New York Times. Anyone see an apology yet? (They still don't teach the truth in journalism classes!)

Charles A. Crenshaw, M.D. (Trauma Room One: The JFK Medical Coverup Exposed

I once met this man in Dallas. He was old then, and i watched him stand his ground as a young reporter harassed the hell out of him. Asking the same question over and over, only to receive the same response. "I already told you my answer, and it is not going to change." Crenshaw was there, in the surgical suite, and he has always told a vastly different story than the FBI and Secret Service about what took place. Today, as we learn the documented horrors of how the autopsy was botched by the military doctors, Crenshaw's account becomes even more important. A really good book for someone who wants to hear the truth from a unique source.

Judyth Vary Baker (M and Lee: How I Came To Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald)

Judyth Baker finally came out of the closet with her story about her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald. For years, this scientist stayed out of the public light , fearing for her life. But now the story is out, and it is a good one. She scares everyone with her facts, even sometimes the good guys. One prestigious group kept her from speaking at this years Dalla COPA conference. they are real chickens! (Oliver Stone has admonished this group.) That's all i have to say except that much of Baker's story is well documented, and it is a great read.

Well, these are my favorites! (I have read more and could add to this list, but decided to keep it short.) After learning from these authors, and doing some serious thinking and research in Mississippi on civil rights cold cases, I began to realize that the murders of Cleve McDowell, Henry S. Mims, and John D. Sullivan were likely related to the Kennedy assassination (and/or the Dr. Martin Luther King assassination, or both) and to each other.

I will never believe that our president’s murder in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 was committed by a lone gunman. Lee Harvey Oswald may have even tried to save Kennedy’s life. Or Oswald might have been an imposter, swapped in by the Soviets. They had rogues who hated their leader, and JFK as well.

Surely you aren't a Warren Commission Fan. Either way, pick one of these books and start reading if you are new to this topic. i know you will be fascinated, stunned, shocked, horrified and angry, as I have been over the years.

Please share your thoughts AFTER you have read something that it informative and researched based.

Meanwhile, may all of these souls who were murdered and/or who died under "strange" circumstances rest in peace. Like John D. Sullivan of Vicksburg, a former FBI agent who might have seen something he should not have come upon...

But i'll save Sullivan's story (it's pretty outrageous) for the next blog post

Take care,


P.S. Check out The Plan!