Cuenca Writers

Writers in Transition (WIT)
An Evening of the Spoken Word
California Kitchen Restaurant
Luis Cordero 5-65 y Honorato Vasquez
03 October 2013 . Thursday . 6pm Dinner . 7pm Readings
Free Admission . Cash Bar
"Ignorance at the Altar", Chapter 3 of Kids Make the Best Bookies,
by Kathryn McCullough
In which my mother, a fundamentalist fashionista, marries my mafia father.
"Everyone Wants to Live Forever, Don't They?", Chapter 1 of Methuselah's Secret,
by Chris Petersen
Chapter 1 of the author's revised novel. Franklin Stone investigates his best friend's death and finds more than he bargained for.
"Muse Macabre"
by Frances Augusta Hogg
Ever wonder where all her creepy ideas come from?
"Granpa Willie and His Hoodoo", Chapter 32 of The Plan,
by Susan Klopfer
Clinton Moore's legal assistance, Mollie, arrives in Ecuador and is mesmerized by a piece of art she comes upon in a hotel lobby. Moore tries to capture its spirit, through hoodoo, in an effort to connect with her, now that he is dead.
"Why Did They Fire the King?"
by Ray Walter
A brief look at some little-known circumstances surrounding the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936.  
"Someday I Would Like to Wake Up Dead"
by Alan Woods
Author dreams about waking up dead after nearly dying in surgery.
"The Truth is That Those Who Were Alive Then Never Knew What Really Happened",
(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollowes p. 129)
by Anne Carr
Another short piece on expecting the unexpected!